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Importance of Bridgestone Tyres Reading

In order to know the age of the Bridgestone tyres of your vehicle and to replace them with the right tyres it is important for you to know how the read your tyres. The external wall of your tyres provides you enormous information about them. On one hand they inform you about their age and on the other you get information about the size and type of the tyre you were using and should buy to replace the aging tyres. Brief information about Bridgestone tyre reading system is provided in this write-up to help you in this regard.

Each of the tyres produced every year provides two types of information on its one sidewall. At one place it informs you about its age and on the other it informs you about its size and type so that you can buy right type of Bridgestone tyres to replace the aged or damaged tyres.

Reading the age of the tyres

At one place on the sidewall of the tyres a code serial known as TIN to Tyre Identification Number is marked. This serial TIN is contains a four digit code to show the week and year of its manufacturing. The first two of these digits shows the week of manufacturing and other two show its year of manufacturing. For instance your tyre is marked with DL LJ-DFK 1214. In this code 1214 shows that the tyre was manufactured in the 12th week of the year 2014. It is normally used by the tyre manufacturing companies including Bridgestone as the mark of warranty for any defect in the material or manufacturing of that tyre, which is normally five years from the date of its manufacturing.

Reading the size and type of the tyre

In order to replace your aged tyres you must know the size and type of your old tyres so that you can replace them with right tyres. You can see a serial of codes marked at another place on the same side of the tyre where its year and week of manufacturing is marked. This serial of codes provides wide range of information about the size and type of the tyre. The way of Bridgestone tyres reading is provided here will help you to know your tyres more precisely.

For instance, your old tyre is marked with P225/70R16 91S. In this code each alphabet and set of numerals has its own meaning as described here under.

Letter P in this code denotes P-metric that means the tire is designed for passenger vehicles like cars, SUVs, minivans as well as light duty pickup trucks. If LT is marked there instead of P then it will be for light trucks to be used for pulling trailers or carrying heavy cargo etc.

Next to P is marked number 225 which denote the width of the tyre in mm, so that you can buy the tyre of right width for your vehicle.

Next code in this serial after the slash is 70 which show the aspect ratio of the tire in percentage. It shows the height of your tyre in comparison to its width up to which you can use it. Here 70 mean you can use this tire when its height is 70% of its width.

Next is alphabet R which shows the type of internal construction of the tyre to maintain its stability. Normally two construction types are marked on the tyres – R and D. R is for the tyres with Radial internal construction and D for bias or diagonal ply internal construction.

The next number in this code is 16 which represent the diameter of the rim in inches on which this tyre has to be mounted.

Next to 16 come 91 which is the load index of the tyre in pounds. But it does not precisely tell you about the loading capacity of the tyre. This number varies from 1 to 150 which according to the load index represent its carrying capacity from 99 to nearly 7400 pounds.

The last digit in this code is S which represents the speed rating of the tyre. This rating is provided to a tyre after its standardised testing in the labs.

Thus, the ways of Bridgestone tyres reading, provided in this write-up, can help you to know about the age, type and the size of the tyre you want to replace.