Car Battery Reading

Car Batteries Reading

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The car battery is a very important part. It performs many necessary functions in an auto mobile. The car battery consists of two plates and an electrolyte connecting them. The plates form the positive and the negative poles of the battery. Through chemical action, the battery is able to transmit Direct Current (DC) to the electrical components in the car. Also, when electrical energy is supplied to the car battery, it absorbs it and stores it for later use. There are many types of car batteries. You can see them and buy them during car battery sales Reading. Here are the various types available.

The Wet Cell

This is a type of battery that utilizes lead acid technology. Also known as flooded batteries, they are specially designed for use in cars. There are two major categories of wet cells. One of these is the Starting Lights Ignition (SLI) battery and the other is a deep cycle or marine battery.

The SLI battery produces rapid, short bursts of electrical energy. This energy is used to kick start your car once you turn the ignition. This type of battery has many, thin lead plates in it. Many cars come fitted with an SLI battery straight from the manufacturer. The Deep Cycle car battery is similar to the SLI except that its lead plates are thicker.

These batteries work to power the electrical devices in a car. Examples of these are the head lights, tail lights, indicators as well as the car stereo. These types of batteries should be serviced routinely at a qualified battery sales Reading auto shop. However, some of these are maintenance free.

The VRLA car batteries

Known in full as a Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery, this is a completely sealed type of car battery that has no space through which gases can escape. This type of battery is ideal for use in confined spaces. They don’t release any hydrogen as they transmit electrical energy. Due to the fact that they don’t leak, they are widely accepted as the safest wet cell batteries available today. There are two variants of VLRA batteries. These are the gel cell and the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery.

The gel cell is known as such because it makes use of a gel electrolyte. The gel in the battery is highly resistant to high temperatures, evaporation as well as spilling. The gel batteries works in the same way as a wet cell battery except that it is dry. On the other hand, the AGM battery works by having the electrolyte in glass mats. The mats are actually extremely thin fibers that are meshed together. The glass mesh holds the electrolyte. Thus, the electrolyte is still able to conduct electrical energy form one pole to the other and transmit it to the car. This type of car battery works just like the wet cell but does not spill at all. Moreover, it is not sealed. Another type of battery is the calcium battery. This type of battery makes use of a calcium alloy. The allow is placed on the charged plates. The calcium alloy protects the battery from self discharge and from losing fluids when stored.